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What to Expect when Moving into a Senior Living Community

Change can be difficult under almost any circumstances. However, change that involves uprooting oneself to move into a new home can trigger a wave of different emotions. Fear, anxiety, excitement, hope – all of these feelings and more can rush to the surface as you start a new life in fresh surroundings.

For older adults moving from the house they’ve lived in for decades to a Senior Living Community, those feelings are often felt more keenly. After all, leaving the security of familiar surroundings for a whole new way of life can be jarring, even if the person isn’t outwardly showing it.

As a Senior Living Advisor on Long Island (Mike McClernon, 516-254-9481), I’ve worked with hundreds of families to help find the best-fit Senior Living Community for their older loved ones. At first, the transition might seem problematic, but the success stories of moving into these wonderful communities greatly outweigh any preconceived concerns.

If you’re thinking of moving to a Senior Living Community, I’ve provided a list of what you can expect to help demystify things.

Inviting living spaces to make your own

Senior Living Communities want you to feel at home – and that starts with your new apartment! Depending on the size of your unit, you can bring several pieces of your favorite furniture, such as an easy chair, sofa, end tables, nightstand, lamps, and more. Add a level of comfort by decorating with such treasured items as pictures, keepsakes, art, clocks, and flowers. Make your new home as warm and relaxing as you like.

A warm welcome from the staff

Welcome ambassadors will be ready to greet you and be on hand to answer your questions, show you around, and introduce you to other staff and your new neighbors. Their role is to make your transition as easy as possible as you settle into your new lifestyle.

New friendships with staff and residents

Whether you start making new relationships right away or at your own pace, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact daily with the community staff and other residents. Building positive relationships will help you feel more at home over the long term. Also, be sure to get to know the staff because the better they know you, the more they’ll be able to anticipate and support your needs.

More free time

Many Senior Living Communities offer services that help with everyday tasks such as home maintenance, transportation, meal preparation, and housekeeping. With these responsibilities lifted off your shoulders, you’ll have more free time than ever before. Your only focus will be deciding how to fill that time, such as exploring the neighborhood, participating in social activities, or simply relaxing and enjoying your vintage years with peace of mind.

Engaging social activities

You can never be bored in a Senior Living Community! Many communities offer activities to satisfy almost every interest and ability, including movie nights, game nights, theme or holiday parties, and bus trips to the theater or shopping mall. Participating in these activities will help keep you happy, engaged, and enjoying your new lifestyle.

New learning opportunities

Whether you want to learn a new skill or nurture an existing interest, Senior Living Communities provide ample opportunities to stay mentally stimulated through art and music classes, guest speakers, book clubs, and discussion groups. Who knows – you might discover a hidden talent or passion you never knew you had!

Physical fitness activities

As we age, it’s even more important to stay physically active to preserve our health and well-being. Try out a fitness class such as yoga, Tai Chi, or cardio in the community gym or activity space. Most communities focus on exercise using an all-abilities approach so no one is left out.

Sumptuous food options

Menus in Senior Living Communities may be among the finest dining you’ve ever had. Expect a diverse selection of healthy, delicious food with the flexibility to substitute options. You can also opt to share meals with friends in a comfortable dining room or have food delivered to your residence if you prefer a quiet night at home.

Assistance with medical care

Many Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing residences offer a wide range of medical services and therapies that support nearly every healthcare need. 24/7 emergency care is often also available. Flexible medication management plans allow residents to self-administer medications or take them with the help of a qualified staff member.

Safety and security

Resident safety is a top concern in Senior Living Communities. You may find many features, such as emergency alert buttons, pull cords, and grab bars installed in your home. Most communities have emergency response plans in place in the event of a dangerous situation. Memory Care units have heightened security protocols to ensure that every resident is safe and secure.

As you settle into the Senior Living Community, you’ll approach your new beginnings with zeal. Be sure to immerse yourself in your refreshed lifestyle and everything it has to offer. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the Senior Living Community staff will be there to support you every step of the way.

In fact, once you get a taste of your new lifestyle, you might wonder what took you so long to get there!

Find Quality Senior Living Communities on Long Island

Ensuring your loved relatives thrive in their new home requires painstaking research to find the best Senior Living Community that suits their needs.

That is why families turn to Mike McClernon of Assisted Living Locators of Long Island. Mike has collaborated with hundreds of families just like yours to help find the most appropriate Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Skilled Nursing Community for their older loved ones. Mike’s team will ensure that you have all the information you need to make the most informed choice possible.

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