Popular Independent Living Communities in Suffolk County

Independent Living is designed for more active seniors – those who want to give up the hassles of homemaking, shopping, most cooking, and all the chores of living on one’s own. Independent communities offer private, comfortable apartments, a wide range of activities, most meals, and the complete freedom to come and go. Most importantly, Independent Living offers a remedy to the isolation felt by many seniors. Group activities, common meals, and the casual, easy socialization of living in a community is just what many seniors need to get a new lease on life.

Independent Living apartments have full kitchens and come in various sizes and configurations. They typically do not have nurses or home health aides who work for the community, but most communities have planned for residents and aides to connect and work together directly.

Independent Living is a great solution for seniors who want to stay active, give up all the work involved in keeping up a home, and socialize with like-minded people.