What We Do In a Nutshell

Finding the right senior living property can be overwhelming. There are 90 properties on Long Island and Queens alone, and they all seem good at first glance. The choice of a new home for you or your loved one, though, is complex. It involves a multitude of factors. Assisted Living Locators of Long Island is a professional advisory service, specializing in helping families and seniors quickly sort through the many options for Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Independent Living on Long Island. We help you review logical options from the 90 facilities, decide on two or three communities to focus on, and do a ‘deep dive’ into these final candidates. We’ve helped more than 800 area families with some aspect of Senior Living. Our charges are paid for by the facilities themselves, so we are completely without cost for families. We look forward to helping your senior and family.

Assisted Living Locators of Long Island has a Different and Better Approach to Placement

Senior Placement is better approached as Senior Planning.

Mike’s planning horizon for seniors and the care they will need AFTER placement extends out for at least 24 months.  Seniors typically are living with several medical and cognitive complaints, and over time for most seniors these underlying conditions will demand a higher level of care. While these changes are not certain, based on the underlying health conditions of the senior there is a reasonable level of predictability for future care needs. Some Senior Communities can add services as the senior ages, while others are limited by their licensure and corporate policy and cannot adjust. For example, some communities are not permitted to even push seniors in wheelchairs!

While this lower level of care would be fine for some seniors, for others the need for a wheelchair or other advanced service is largely predictable. What might be a bright and beautiful new home for a senior in Month One can become a place that just cannot deliver the required care in Months six, twelve, or twenty four. And in many cases these increasing needs would have been generally predictable. In order to facilitate a more stable, longer term placement, Mike created 24 Month Planning Process for Senior Placement.

The 24 Month Planning Process for senior placement significantly increases the likelihood that the Senior Community chosen today will also be able to care for your loved one 24 months in the future.  Moving a senior from one facility to another is very disruptive to the senior from a cognitive, social, and physical point of view, and the 24 Month Planning Process created and implemented by Assisted Living Locators can help minimize and often eliminate these moves. As much as possible, we want the senior to Age in Place. In fact, many of Mike’s placements have continued in the same facility for several years – even though the conditions affecting the senior have worsened considerably.