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Assisted Living Locators of Long Island is a senior placement service. Even though this is a commonly available national service, most people don't know about the work of placement agents until they need one. Here at Assisted Living Locators, we have a great deal of knowledge about senior care communities throughout Long Island, as well as a wide perspective about what's available. If we are able to place you or a family member in one of these communities, the community pays us a fee.

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Exploring senior living options on Long Island can be overwhelming and time-consuming. The monthly price for Assisted Living or Dementia Care on Long Island can range from $3,000 to over $10,000, and the communities offer many different services and environments.

We are the local experts on all 70+ communities and work closely with you and your family to find the right match to place your senior in the best community for them. Why contact just one community when you can work with an unbiased expert who knows all the local communities?

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Assisted Living Locators of Long Island is part of a national network of 140 offices, each offering personalized service in the areas in which we live. Our company has 14 years of experience helping families and seniors sort through the many good senior care options with professional support and guidance. We spend time working closely with families to understand the needs of the senior(s). We will also physically tour two or three carefully selected assisted or dementia care communities with you (safety permitting), looking for the best fit.

We can help clarify and, in some cases, negotiate the details of fitting into a community. This personal service is similar to a no-cost concierge service for senior living.

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