What is Independent Living Options?

Independent living options are ideal for people who want to trade the responsibility of home maintenance for a lifestyle focused on social and recreational activities. These communities provide seniors with a safe living environment, opportunities for socialization and recreation, and convenient access to essential services such as transportation and housekeeping.

On Long Island, there are two main differences between Assisted Living and Independent Living. First, Independent Living communities offer apartments furnished with full kitchens. Many offer prepared, restaurant style meals in a dining room, too. Assisted Living communities are not allowed to have hot surfaces (stovetop burners and ovens) in the units. Second, there is no ‘Wellness’ Department in Independent Buildings. There are no nurses and aides who work for the community working in the building. That said, many Independent communities help residents make connections to aides who can support the senior. This additional though outside support has enabled seniors to remain in Independent communities much longer than in the past. After all, if a senior only needs modest help with showering and dressing, for example, it would be a shame to require them to move to and Assisted community.

Seniors who choose independent living can enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle, with the freedom to come and go as they please, while still having the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is nearby if needed.

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