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Memory Care on Long Island

On Long Island there are about 95 Assisted Living communities.  Of these 95 communities, about 55 have special sections reserved for seniors with dementia.   These sections are commonly called Memory Care communities/units.  Memory Care, also called Dementia Care, is simply Assisted Living for people with dementia.  These sections within the larger Assisted communities are staffed at a higher level than Assisted Living serving seniors who do not have substantive cognitive challenges, and the approach in these areas of the building is slower, more interactive, and gentler.  Seniors with dementia need more time, more staff guidance, and more physical help than other seniors.

On Long Island there are four buildings exclusively dedicated to the care of seniors with dementia.  These are as follows:

The Esplanade of Woodmere  – Memory Care Assisted Living with Kosher Dining

The Bristal at Lake Success – Memory Care Assisted Living

Harbor House Assisted Living in Oyster Bay – Memory Care Assisted Living

Artis Senior Living at Commack- Memory Care Assisted Living

In addition to these four specialized buildings, over 50 Assisted Living buildings offer specialized and secure care for seniors with dementia.  In total, there are perhaps 2,000 – 2,250 beds available for seniors with dementia on the Island.

As we look at the availability of spots for specialized dementia care, we see that the units and buildings are rapidly filling up.  Some communities are beginning a waiting list for apartments within dementia care, while others have perhaps only 5 – 10% availability.  During the height of the Covid pandemic some families caring for seniors with physical issues but without dementia managed to care for the seniors in the home.   These families were able to defer the move to Assisted Living, at least for a while.  Families supporting a senior with dementia, though, did not stop placing seniors into Memory Care during the pandemic.  Placements into Memory Care were down only modestly.  Now, as pandemic fears decrease, the demand for placement into Memory Care is increasing, and the demand is hitting Memory Care units that are already nearly full.

Cost of Memory Care on Long Island

There is a fairly wide range of charges for Memory Care on Long Island, and there are two ways that communities charge for this work.  The traditional model to present the family with two, perhaps three categories of cost.  The first is termed ‘Rent”, which covers the cost of the apartment, food, activities, apartment cleaning, and laundry.  Rent is a fixed charge each month.  The second category is called “Care”, and it covers assistance with the Activities of Daily Living, like dressing, showering, and toileting.  This charge typically is charged based on a care level, so it might be something like $500, $1,250, $2,000 or more a month.  A third and important area of care is called Medication Management, and some communities charge for this separately.  Communities that charge in this manner might present a total bill to a family from $6,800 – $12,000 a month.

The second method of charging for Memory Care is a single charge covering Rent, Care, and Medication Management.  This type of ‘all-inclusive’ cost model is gaining momentum on Long Island.  While some communities have some small exclusions under this model, the communities that charge in an ‘All-Inclusive” manner range from $6,500 – $10,000 a month.

Memory Care communities on Long Island are filling up.  There are still good options for every senior with dementia, though.  Ask Mike McClernon to develop options for your loved one that best fit your senior’s care, location, and cost needs.

Contact Mike today at 516-254-9481 or mikem@assistedlivinglocators.com to explore Senior Living Community options for the older person in your life. His phone is always on!