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How Memory Care Staff Helps with Personal Care

Maintaining personal hygiene is one of the first things we learn to do as children, setting the foundation for good habits we carry throughout our lives. Ensuring we’re clean, adequately groomed, and appropriately dressed helps us feel confident, comfortable, and ready for the day.

However, people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia might have difficulty performing the personal care habits they’ve been doing their entire lives, mostly due to forgetfulness. Families do their best to pitch in but aren’t always comfortable helping their loved ones bathe, get dressed, or assist with other personal care duties.

The good news is that Memory Care communities offer personal care services to help your loved one maintain good hygiene. These services are provided in a professional, respectful way that protects the older person’s dignity, confidence, health, and overall well-being.

Many communities include personal care as part of their monthly fees, so you never have to worry about your loved one’s comfort.

Here are some of the personal care services provided in Memory Care and many Assisted Living communities:

Helping your loved one bathe

Memory Care staff understands that bathing is a very personal act. That’s why they take every step possible to ensure your loved one’s dignity is maintained. If the person is uncomfortable with the process, they’ll be able to wear a dressing gown or towel while the staff member washes them.

Memory Care staff will also ensure that the bathroom is safe, so the person doesn’t slip or fall in the tub. In many cases, a sturdy shower chair will be used to help keep your loved one upright and safe.

Picking out appropriate clothes

Memory Care team members will encourage the resident to pick out their clothes and dress themselves. However, when they need assistance, staff will help them choose outfits that look great and are weather appropriate. They also work with families to ensure their loved has clothes that provide the most comfort, including:

  • Loose-fitting items such as cotton socks, sweatpants, and shorts with elastic waistbands, avoiding anything with tight bands
  • Shoes with straps or slip-on loafers that can easily be put on or removed
  • Nothing with buttons or buckles that can be hard to use

If the person prefers to wear the same clothes every day, it’s helpful to have three or four sets of the items on hand.

Getting dressed

If the person needs assistance getting dressed, Memory Care staff will help them put on one piece of clothing at a time at their own pace. No one is ever rushed while getting dressed, and the resident will be treated with respect and patience at all times.

Help with oral hygiene to protect their health

Proper oral hygiene goes beyond having a clean mouth, shiny teeth, and fresh breath. It can also help prevent health complications and dangerous infections that can threaten a person’s life. Memory Care staff will help brush your loved one’s teeth twice per day, clean their dentures if necessary, and offer transportation to their dentist’s office for regular checkups and professional maintenance.

Assistance with hair care

Memory Care staff will gently wash and rinse your loved one’s hair and assist with combing, brushing, and styling. Many communities also offer professional haircutting services so the person will always look neat and well-groomed.

Personal grooming

Helping someone with dementia look their best will go a long way to ensure they feel like themselves and start the day on a positive note. This includes assistance with personal grooming, including makeup, face shaving, and clipping or trimming fingernails and toenails.

A focus on maintaining independence

Memory Care encourages residents to do as much as they can independently as long as they can do it safely. However, when they need help, the support person will provide assistance by patiently guiding the person’s hands or providing gentle cues to help them practice optimal self-care.

No matter how much help your loved one needs with personal care, Memory Care communities have the professional training and qualifications required to deliver quality services that help each resident have a great day, every day.

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