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Fall Sure Beats Winter When Moving!

Move Before Winter!

You might be looking at this winter picture and think that cold and unpredictable weather is way off. The fact of the matter, though, is that in the Northeast September is the last month of the year when we will generally have warmer and (typically) dry weather. After that, cold, wet, and snowy weather is possible . When helping a senior person or couple move, I’ve found after working with hundreds of families is that it takes time. Older people just take time. Perhaps a house needs to be cleaned out, cleaned up, and sold. Maybe a senior or senior couple has already downsized into an apartment, but Assisted or Independent Living is a further downsize and time must be allocated to this activity, too. This all takes time – few things are quick and simple when you are 80+ years old. And nothing is easy when the weather is nasty.

September is one of the biggest ‘move in’ months for most Assisted and Independent Living communities. Grandkids are back in school, adult children have time to help their parents prepare for moves, and a summer of prep yields its reward. So to prepare for a September move, and knowing that moving a senior move is going to take some time, here are five important steps to take now, while the weather isn’t a distraction:

Decide what you are really looking for in a Senior Community

Senior communities have some similarities – but all are unique and full of opportunities. Some have a more physically active resident population, while others focus on excursions. Some have new and modern apartments, while others have more modest accommodations – and a lower price tag, too. Some communities can help manage a wide range of personal care tasks, while others offer more limited personal care services and have a generally more active population. Some are on a pleasant Long Island Main Street, while others are located in a more pastoral setting. Take some tours of Assisted and Independent communities, learn what you are looking for, and narrow your options.

Downsize household goods

Even a senior or couple who has downsized once or twice since their ‘family days’ is going to have to let go of more goods when moving into Assisted or Independent Living. Most Assisted communities only have modest kitchenettes, and the great majority of Assisted and Independent apartments are less than 1,000 sq ft. Fortunately there are many companies that will help you sort, sell, donate, gift, ship, and simply throw away excess household goods. In fact there is a whole set of companies established to just to help seniors and families with downsizing and moving. Ask Mike McClernon for recommendations in this important area. These companies are well worth the money. They can help you do in two weeks what it would take most families 6 months to accomplish.

Set some new goals

Assisted and Independent Living communities communities have similarities, of course. All eliminate the need to do any repairs, and almost all will reduce or eliminate the need to shop, clean, and cook. So what will you or your loved one do with all that new free time? Seriously – This chapter in a senior’s life can be an opportunity to get back to reading, painting, religious life, local sightseeing – the possibilities are as numerous as one’s interests. When you are no longer ruled by the ‘stuff and tasks’ in your life, new opportunities arise. Make a plan for going after them.

Work closely with your lawyer and your financial advisor

Selling your house, perhaps initiating use of your Long Term Care insurance policy, adding to your nest egg or beginning to deplete it, general estate planning, and especially deciding if and how to include Medicaid in your plan are all very important areas where the right elder care attorney and financial planner can make a real difference to you and to your family. What we are able to use to fund a comfortable life in senior living, and the financial legacy that some can leave to their family and to others depends on getting the right advice. Mike McClernon can help direct you to proven professionals in elder law and finance. This is one area where the right insight can make a huge impact.

Move In September

There are about six weeks left before September 30th. Moving is a big task, and you are going to need help. It’s much easier to move in September, though, in nice weather, than when the winds howl and the snow flies later in the year. While everyone is heathy, no one has slipped on the ice, and no one has to maintain a house or even an apartment through another winter consider acting on the move to senior living that you have been thinking about. September is a great month to finally get that done.

No-cost help finding Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing on Long Island

Finding an Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing community where your loved one will get the care they need to feel happy, fulfilled, and safe can be overwhelming. When looking for the right community for your elderly relatives on Long Island, contact Mike McClernon of Assisted Living Locators.

Mike has collaborated with hundreds of families just like yours to help find the most appropriate Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing community for their older relatives. He will ensure that you have all the information you need to decide where your loved ones will thrive and be well-cared for during their vintage years or while recovering from a medical event, surgery, or injury.

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