Hello, I'm Mike McClernon.

I own and operate the Assisted Living Locators office for Long Island and Eastern Queens. This is my partner in life, Liz and our rescue Golden Lucy. I will personally help you find the right Dementia or Assisted Living community for your senior. Think of me as a Senior Living Concierge.

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I was motivated to start this business after my experience with my own parents. Like most families, most of the burden of caring for my parents fell onto one child, my sister. My mother's cognitive issues became worse after my father passed, and eventually the dementia became dangerous to both her and others. We did all that we could, and at the same time could have used some professional advice and input - especially for my mom, who had Parkinson’s.

I've worked as a senior manager for home care and home medical service companies, and also had a long stretch as the CEO for a couple of national companies. I try to bring both sets of experiences to bear - helping seniors get the right care AND finding the best value for you in Assisted Living, Dementia Care, and Independent Living.

Why Assisted Living Locators of Long Island?

I am proud to operate the Assisted Living Locators eldercare advisory service on Long Island. I am one of 140 local operators for our company. We were founded in 2003, and each year place thousands of seniors in great communities. We are not some big telephone based company with a giant television ad campaign that sends you an outdated list of possible communities for your senior. I live on Long Island, am talking to these Dementia and Assisted Living communities every day, am very familiar with the staff and facilities at each Community, and can help you place your senior in just the right caring and professional environment

Our Free Senior Living Services

How we help you and your family

Our care advisors take a 4-step approach to guiding you through the process of finding the best senior living option for your family.

1. In-Depth Assessment of Your Needs

We want to learn as much as we can… We dig deep with you to really understand what your family needs both for a new living situation and for other support services.

2. Thoughtful Analysis & Recommendations

An Assisted Living Locators care advisor will meet with you and your family to discuss available and appropriate options. We evaluate all aspects of your senior situation to find the right match, whether it's health care needs, religious and political affiliations, mobility requirements, budgets, desired social activities, locations, or the 1001 ways that make your senior unique.

3. Assistance with Selection Process

We are committed to being compassionate and concerned with the needs of our clients. We are your comprehensive guide to matching the care you desire with the living options in your community. The facilities in our network reimburse for our services so that we can remain at no cost to you.

4. Transition Support

When we evaluate a senior living community, we examine not only the amenities, but also the special features and characteristics. After we verify the services you need are met by the community, we consider the unique aspects that will make the difference in selecting a home best suited for your loved one.

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