Image showing an elderly couple smiling and enjoying recreational activities together, illustrating the benefits and reasons to consider assisted living on Long Island sooner rather than later.

3 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living on Long Island Sooner Than Later

Caring for an older loved one is full of emotions and decisions. You may be conflicted about how best to handle the situation. While you know that it will soon be time for them to get professional support, you also feel guilty and want to push that decision off until it’s absolutely necessary.

Families will often delay this critical decision for many reasons:

  • “My mom is perfectly content at home and isn’t ready for a change.”
  • “I live too far away to be able to help my parent(s) move.”
  • “I need to do more research on available options.”
  • “I’m afraid my dad won’t react well if I bring up Assisted Living.”

Whatever the reason, people will all too often put off decisions about senior care until a crisis happens—turning one of the most important decisions into a rushed, impulsive process. Instead, we encourage you to make the decision sooner rather than later.

Assisted Living Locators of Long Island is a senior placement service that works with families on Long Island who are ready to make the Assisted Living decision. Are you ready?

1. Improve Your Parent/Child Relationship

When an elderly parent begins to need substantial help with household organization and personal care, the relationship between the elderly parent and the adult child begins to shift.

Parents don’t want to take up an increasing amount of time from the children and, by extension, the rest of the family. They’ve been independent for 80 years, and having someone shop for them, help them bathe, and transport them to an endless stream of doctors is not what elderly parents want from their adult children. And if we are being honest, it’s not what the adult child wants to be doing with their day, either.

A senior who is a resident in Assisted Living or Memory Care in Nassau or Suffolk County has all of these day-to-day needs taken care of. When adult children visit, the conversations can be much more upbeat and interesting. Placement in Assisted Living or Memory Care is a great way to set the clock back 20 years ago and focus on the family and its many pleasures.

2. Socialization and Activities

Even if you think your parent is healthy and faring well at home, they could still be vulnerable to loneliness and isolation, which poses health risks for many older adults. By moving them into an Assisted Living and Memory Care Community while they are still social and active, you can be sure that they will take full advantage of life at the community.

Not only will they be able to make friends and build relationships with their peers, but they can also pursue passions and discover new interests. Most Assisted Living communities in Nassau or Suffolk County offer varying classes and programs—from painting and woodworking to baking and wine tastings. These programs can be an excellent way for residents to stay engaged and find others with similar interests.

3. Nutritious Meals

Another concern you may have about your parent(s) or loved one living alone is how well they are eating. For various reasons—including the inability to shop, loss of appetite, unwillingness to cook, or loneliness during mealtimes—many seniors don’t get enough to eat. Research indicates that as many as 47% of adults over 60 are undernourished.

If you are worried about your loved one’s lack of nutrition, an Assisted Living and Memory Care Community could be the solution. Not only do these communities provide your loved one with healthy, delicious meals multiple times a day, but they also offer them in a communal dining room, allowing residents to socialize and enjoy meals together. Most communities will cater to your family member’s health and dietary preferences, and some even offer additional services like room service and grab-and-go snack options.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

If you’ve been delaying the decision to move your parent into Assisted Living, it’s time to set the excuses aside and think about the health and well-being of your loved one. They may be doing fine at home, but they could thrive at an Assisted Living and Memory Care Community. They will have the opportunity to build relationships and make memories in a safe, engaging, and healthy environment.

Maybe you’ve decided that it is time to consider the move, but you don’t know where to start. Assisted Living Locators of Long Island can help you through every step of the process. Our team works closely with families in Eastern Queens, and Nassau and Suffolk County to determine exact wants, needs, and requirements. We then recommend local communities that we think would be a good fit and work with you throughout the entire selection and transition process.

If you’re ready to make the Assisted Living decision, we encourage you to contact Assisted Living Locators of Long Island. We look forward to helping your family.