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10 Warning Signs Your Loved One is Ready For Assisted Living

At Assisted Living Locators of Long Island, we often get calls from family members who are on the fence about whether their mom or dad should be moving to assisted living. They have a suspicion that all is not right, but their parent keeps reassuring them everything is fine, and of course, they want to believe it. So, here are some things to look for the next time you go over to your folks for a visit.

  1. Bills are not being paid on time, overdue or in collections.
  2. Personal hygiene is lacking, there is a strong urine odor, or clothing is being worn multiple times without washing.
  3. Lack of housekeeping. Spoiled food is not thrown away; dishes are undone, untidy in nature.
  4. Poor diet and weight loss.
  5. Losing track of medications: forgetting to take them or taking too large a dose.
  6. Driving is no longer safe: gets lost easily, multiple moving violations, etc.
  7. Lack of interest in hobbies, activities or even leaving the house.
  8. Trouble getting around the house.
  9. Necessary household repairs are not done, the mail is not retrieved or opened, and the lawn is not taken care of.
  10. Not making sound decisions or observations when doing once routine tasks like turning off the stove, etc.

Early detection of a potential problem is key, keeping an eye out for the 10 warning signs helps ensure no one is taken by surprise, and that the difficult conversation can begin sooner rather than later. Want to learn more? Check out this informative and comprehensive article from UEW Healthcare.