Benefits of Poster Therapy for Memory Care

Benefits of Poster Therapy for Memory Care

Dementia Care

What is Poster Therapy?

Studies show that reminiscing with photos can encourage conversation, memory, brain activity, and promote overall mental health for folks with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia or cognitive illness. Viewing photos in a poster format along with descriptive captions can help visitors and caregivers more easily engage loved ones in conversation and appreciate the active person that loved one used to be.

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Memories from my life poster therapy for memory care

Posters Come in Four Sizes for Various Uses:

4 Photos + Cameo

Memories from my life poster, 4 photo + Cameo

16” x 20”- An especially good choice for people dealing with dementia. A university study has emphasized the appeal of several small posters.

7 Photos + Cameo

Memories from my life poster, 7 photos + cameo

22” x 28”- Beneficial for people with dementia who are residing in long-term care, for persons living in a room with limited space, or for people who have experienced a traumatic head injury.

12 Photos + Cameo
Memories from my life poster, 12 photos + cameo

24” x 36”- Anyone separated from familiar surroundings will appreciate reminders of special people, places, or events from their lives.

20 Photos + Cameo

memories from my life poster, 20 photo + cameo

27” x 40”- For people living away from home who have enough wall space to accommodate the larger poster. Large easy-on-the-eyes captioned photos can bring back the joy of special people, places, and events from over a lifetime.

Here are a few of the poster benefits:

  • Reminds your loved one how he or she used to look.
  • Helps bring back happy memories.
  • Creates a talking point with caregivers.
  • Captions below each photo allow caregivers to become instantly familiar with your loved one!
  • Can be a conversation starter with visitors.
  • Brings special photos into easier focus for loved ones with fading eyesight.
  • Can provide the comfort of family any time 24/7 when you can’t be there.

What People Are Saying!

Dr. Elva Michal, Ph.D.

"A wonderful way to encourage conversation during family visits. The posters support better retrieval of family memories for the elderly and for anyone suffering from memory loss. The posters are great for a younger generation to learn about their ancestry. A win-win!"

Donald Ross

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful ‘Memories’ poster. Thelma has it hanging in our family room in a prominent spot and speaks about how she loves it very often. In the midst of her devastating dementia, this wonderful piece brings her joy in remembering each significant event. Thanks again from both Thelma and me."

Gloria Meuller

"My husband (83) helped me to compile some of his favorite photographs for his personal poster, and I want you to know how much he enjoys showing his poster to neighbors and friends who come to our home. Smiles are few and far between, but this poster always brings a smile and a bit of conversation. Thank you."

During this unprecedented time when you may not be able to enjoy in-person visits with your loved one, give them the comfort of family 24/7 with a Memories from My Life poster!

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